weareVTM. are Esa Mbouw, Vanessa Mbouw and Sukma Pieters. Although relatively new as a three-part band, Esa and Sukma have been supporting Vanessa Mbouw’s solo project, vanessaTM. since 2013 as a bassist and guitarist, respectively. With a new name and formation, they are bringing a new sound truly unlike any other in the world. Influenced by acts such as CHVRCHES, The M Machine and Banks, the band is classified as a indie synth-pop band, but shocks listeners with its electric guitar details and incorporation of traditional Indonesian sounds to represent their home country. Their first single, Countdown [Reloaded], is a remake of vanessaTM.'s first single of the same title. weareVTM. then went on to release their first EP titled The HEART Series. An edit of a track from the EP titled Never Ever was released by American producer, PureNoize. Also, weareVTM. wrote Start The Fire, the official themesong for Habitat For Humanity Asia Pacific's Youth Movement. weareVTM.'s latest EP, META, continues to push their musical boundaries with anthemic and upbeat tracks, such as BAD and No More.


Email: wearevtm.id@gmail.com

Soundcloud: @wearevtm