Ventilacie is a legacy band that established since 2002 in Cimahi, West Java, Indonesia by Eq Bangkit with his friend in Junior High School. After a few years and frequent personnel changes, finally this band was indefinite hiatus. In 2007, Vicky Putra the little brother of Eq Bangkit continued the legacy with the name Ventilacie Jr. with Aldi Partadinata and Rully Parulian. This band formation changed to be trio after previously consisted of 5 personnel. But in 2008, Vicky Putra continued his career with Super K and Ventilacie Jr. finally was back indefinite hiatus again. In 2012, Ventilacie Jr. was reunion and started to go back to the studio again. They officially took the name Ventilacie without put “Jr.” on it. Shortly after, finally Rully Parulian resigned. That empty position finally filled by Aryobimo Pratama. Vicky Putra (Bass & Vox), Aldi Partadinata (Guitar), and Aryobimo Pratama (Drums) are focusing to making songs for their first album since 2013 after the departure of Vicky Putra from Super K. In December 25th, 2015, finally their first EP has released, called “STEP FORWARD”. This album was released by Tigaempat Records and produced by Eq Bangkit, the elder brother of Vicky Putra and now he become a guitarist of Bandung’s pop punk band Glory of Love. This album genre is alternative. They played melodic music and incorporate elements of grunge. The lyrics are written based on their daily life stories. They also participate in the Friends Are Forever Vol. 1 compilation album with Melodyfall (Italy), SHANK (Japan), My Hair Is Bad (Japan), Glory of Love, etc.


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