T Fyah and Southeast Revival

T Fyah is a Reggae musician based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Inspired by international and domestic Reggae musicians. Trying to follow the flow of Reggae Revival from philosophy to musicality. Reggae musicians who bring true Reggae values. A life perspective, a view of the way of life, and upholding human values. Southeast Revival was formed by T Fyah to provide a forum for musicians and artists who have the same vision and mission. Southeast Revival has also become a record label, there are three musicians who have entered this record label including T Fyah, Kai Raw and Big91. There are other collective members who accompany T Fyah such as Bawski as bassist, Reza as keyboardist, Key as lead guitar, Aray as drummer, Tyas and Lucy as backing vocalist. some of them are also music producers. This is a collective consisting of people from different places but based in one city, Jakarta. These collectives are still new and still developing themselves. There is no need for many members, this collective is made like a family. Debut album 2021, InshaAllah.


Dewi: +62 813-3916-5456 Tirta: +62 812-9188-9999