Rainbow And Cloud

Here comes the ordinary people for the love of the music, for the love of unity, collect them self as Rainbow & Cloud, Filled with rock ‘n roll soldiers spreading joyfull, peacefull and madness. A band from west bay of Indonesia and growing up at the central Indonesia, south Jakarta since February 2009 and now based in Bali. The member is five young man walk in complicated world of music, but their commitment for stay and involved in it made them rising up this band. For the simplicities of philosophy by Rainbow & Cloud it self are For the simplicities of philosophy by Rainbow & Cloud it self are the colorful life and strengths, weaknesses as a human. “Rainbow” representing color of life it self that came after rain, will always be loved, will always be miss about. And “Cloud” means high, unpredictable, smooth as cotton, but can be mad as the storm blast. Rock n roll are they modest of playing, eventough they are came up with some very different musical background. Its total mish-mash combination. But, again rock n roll are the spirits of Rainbow & Cloud. So they had so many influences, some more oldskull, punk, grunge, retro, indie, garage, alternative are became their addicted that cannot be erase by time. Also, they have own songs and have two EP’s and doing covers band. So lets start have a look of this band and feel the journey, because they can be your jukebox to bring you back the memories with their playlist and be your time machine. A blast from the past, that’s what they will bring, so each or every person won’t forget the history of their musical energies. They can slice your heart apart, pumping you up to the sky, and giving you all the energy, craziest, happiness, freakiest journey that you can’t imagine. So, enjoy rock ‘n roll with Rainbow & Cloud


Yunnissey : +62 821-1263-9065 Email : rainbowandcloud.band@gmail.com