PARGOCHY is the latest Death Metal band coming out of Indonesia, more specifically Medan, North Sumatra. Formed in 2013, the band has taken the name “PARGOCHY” from the language of the Batak tribe which refers to a group of musicians who traditionally played Batak songs at cultural events. PARGOCHY’s members comprise of musicians whom have all been long-time entrenched in Medan’s metal scene, with Dennish Mahardika on vocals, Iring Sialagan on guitar, Kurniawan Pratama on 2nd guitar, Syaif Putra on bass guitar and Dede Putra on drums.

PARGOCHY’s music is reminiscent of U.S. Death Metal bands such as influenced by several Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, and Cannibal Corpse among others. PARGOCHY released their first EP, “Shackles of Revenge”, in January 2014 - a brutal compilation of four tracks, ‘Dignity’, ‘Shackles of Revenge’, ‘Tempest Wrath’ and ‘Lisoi’, to all of which you will not be able to stop banging your head! With straight lyrics telling stories of human ills within a dysfunctional social world and the inability to separate the self from the supremacy of resentment, anger, hypocrisy and hatred. The last track, ‘Lisoi’, is a traditional Batak folk song which is commonly accompanied by the drinking of Tuak - an infamous Batak brew! PARGOCHY have successfully covered this song with a Death Metal arrangement without loosing any of the original soul from the song.

In mid-2014 PARGOCHY formed an alliance with Australian based Xenophobic Entertainment, who successfully introduced several Indonesian metal bands to the International scene. This alliance is shaping up to lead PARGOCHY to great things with the band already in the process of formulating a number of new songs for their first full-length album which is anticipated to be completed in 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for what we’re sure will be another brutal outpouring from this exceptional band.



For Indonesia : +6283197311616 (Deri Cokorda)

For Outside Indonesia : Xenophobic Entertainment