Keys, Organ & Synth

MEGATRUH SOUNDSYSTEM adopts elements of Jamaican music, namely Reggae, Ska, and Dub to explore sounds and texts to be conveyed to the public. In almost every release, this musical project collaborates with musicians from various genres and artists from various disciplines. The name Megatruh itself has many interpretations, both in meaning and sound. Quoted from Javanese philosophy, MEGATRUH is one of the macapat (Javanese poetry) songs that describes the condition of humans when facing death. The word MEGATRUH comes from the words megat/pegat (separation) and ruh, which means the separation between soul and body. Meanwhile, in terms of sound, Megatruh sounds like American thrash metal band led by Dave Mustaine, MEGADETH. In meaning, MEGADETH means mass death/holocaust of humans due to nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, MEGATRUH is how humans know the way to their death. But if read with an English accent, MEGA=Great, TRUH=Truth. Therefore, MEGATRUH means Great Truth, because there is no more real truth than death or the condition of MEGAT-RUH itself. Traditionally, the character of the Megatruh macapat poem is one of regret, concern, and sadness. Although not singing classical Javanese songs, most of MEGATRUH SOUNDSYSTEM's lyrics tell stories about criminal cases, tragic deaths, mass murder, gangster stories, and so on, but on the other hand, MEGATRUH SOUNDSYSTEM also sings about teenage romance and the passion of young people's social lives. Megatruh Soundsystem: Kiki Pea - Vocal Arumtaka - Keys, Organ & Synth Ari Hamzah - Drums