• Anbiya Yasmine (Biya)

  • Yohanes Devin (John)

  • Nikolas Bastanta (Bas)

  • Apriano Prasetyo (Ano)


Manumanasa is a Heavy Rock band based in BSD, Tangerang Selatan, that formed in 2015. Beginning of the story, Ano invites John with Metal music background, to create a Band that plays Stoner/Doom Rock music. Ano shares about music that he likes with John, which have groovy and bluesy riffs and played with down-tuned Guitar and played with a medium to fast tempo. Then, they both learn together about this kind of music, starting from listening to Black Sabbath, Sleep, Church of Misery, Acid King, Clutch, Wo Fat, Eternal Elysium, Matiasu and many bands. And they both invite Biya to be a Vocalist with Pop/Rock music background and invite Bas to be a Bassist with Jazz music background. In January 2016, they recorded their first demo. Because of study programs of their campus, during the month of February - August, they were separated because Biya, Bas, and John went out abroad for an internship, and Ano continue internships in Jakarta. Within this 7 months, they are always sharing the music they want to play, make a lot of material, making riffs, and learned a lot. In September 2016, they started again and doing some jams in Studio and making many materials to play. Manumanasa consists of Biya as a Vocalist, John as a Guitarist, Bas as Bassist and Ano as a Drummer.