Jakarta Blues Factory

JAKARTA BLUES FACTORY is finally born and come in to the Indonesia music industry to make a new fresh colours. JAKARTA BLUES FACTORY was formed in 2012, the idea is from Fawdy, the guitarist and also vocalist. As a means to support the deliver of the aspirations in the music world without certain limitations, Fawdy Irianto and Soebroto Harry are working together joining the band JAKARTA BLUES FACTORY with the freedom of creativity and musical ability of exploring each accompanied by a commensurate responsibility. By relying on the structure of a typical arrangement of Fawdy song, They combined blues music genre with the elements of jazz and funk as a special allure which is the mainstay of JAKARTA BLUES FACTORY. JAKARTA BLUES FACTORY is one of new comer bands in the Indonesian music industry scene that carries the flow of the dynamic funky blues, fresh and full of energy. JAKARTA BLUES FACTORY is comprised of three young people (Fawdy on Guitar/Vocals,Soebroto Harry on Bass and Seffrino Ompy on Drums).


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