Anthesianz is an eccentric indie singer, songwriter, author, and arts and culture researcher. It has spawned two digital albums. Hope's first album contains eight catchy songs in the Pop-Etnic-EDM genre in early 2022. This man from West Java is often known as a researcher in art, society, and culture under the name Dr. (c) Andi Sulistiadi, MM. In early 2023, he released his second digital album entitled Laka Laka. In early July 2022, Anthesianz became the opening song of the second day of Prambanan Jazz 2022 in Yogyakarta, previously Anthesianz was selected as the winner of the Jawara Goes To Prambanan Jazz Festival in Bandung in early June 2022. A month later, in early August 2022, he performed as a solo singer and musician at the International Tourism Wellness Conference Festival 2022 in Solo. Then, he attended several music festivals such as Edufun Music Festival, Mag Festival, Kalai Festival, Tangerang Volume 5 Gigs, Rumah Musik Indonesia, Musikawan De Javu Festival, Sarinah Wastra Dolanan Music Festival and December Care Festival 2022. And in early 2023, Anthesianz actively educated the #indonesianwaves movement in the Tip-tip Cultural 2023 and Tangerang Fashion Festival (Taffest) 2023, Tabe Spots Festival 2023, Indonesia Annual Concert 2023, Teras Sore Elshinta TV, Bincang Musik Radio Heartline FM, Chillax Culture & Culinary Festival 2023, and Festival Seba Baduy 2023.