90 Horse Power

90 Horse Power is a mixed-gender Indonesian indie pop rock band. Formed in September 6th 2013 by Bayu Fajri (bass), Wahyu Ramadhan (guitar), Sheyila Fabiola (guitar), Ghina Salsabila (guitar), and Irvanuddin Rahman (drum). They met when they were still a college student in Faculty of Humanity, Universitas Indonesia. Almost all of them just start to learn how to play their instruments as the band was formed. So, that is why they play their music in a simple way. The band has released their very first work on April 16th 2016 in a CD format with 3 singles titled “Kabar Dari Hujan”, “Tersenyum Nanti” and “Tak Lepas Pergi” which was packaged in a comical artwork.


Contact: Gotcha (+6289527439182) / LINE: (gotcharandy) Email: ninetyhorsepower@gmail.com // ninetyhorsepower@yahoo.com